We Be Yoga
A delightful little yoga studio in Warrington, Pa offering yoga, meditation a a whole lot of love.  

We Be Yoga features a range of yoga practices for all levels of experience: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


Come As You Are and

Meet Us On The Mat

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We Be Yoga is a studio located in Warrington, PA right in the heart of Central Bucks County. We provide yoga classes where all are welcome at any skill level. It is a place to find sanctuary and peace. We ask that you come as you are and meet us on the mat.


Our mission is to welcome practitioners from all walks of life. We provide a place of community for the newcomer and the seasoned practitioner. Yoga means union, yoga creates community. Yoga has the power to heal and strengthens us from the inside out. We hope that you join us and become a part of that community. 

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Our classes have been designed to offer something for everyone - no matter your age, background or skill level. Each of the series below offer varying degrees of difficulty and style. We Be Easy Flowin denotes our beginner level classes, We Be Growin is an beginner/intermediate level and We Be Flowin covers our more challenging classes. This system allows you to walk in and immediately find a place in the community. All practitioners are welcome at every class and we encourage you to take the classes that feel good to you and support your body. The most important thing for us is provide a sanctuary for you that offers peace and a place to quiet the mind. No matter where you are our teachers will provide a safe supportive place for you in class. 


 We Be Easy Flowin

A place to begin and grow.

We Be Growin

Middle of the road. Let's flow! You've got this. 

We Be Flowin

I see you sweating. 

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We Love Our Instructors

Meet our instructors. Just like the rest of our community, these are women and men that come from various backgrounds and disciplines. Thanks to their wide range of experience, We Be Yoga provides a vast and varied yoga experience. 


Heather Petrosky

Studio Owner + Vinyasa Yoga 

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Shani C 

Yin + Vinyasa Yoga 


Britt Burns

Vinyasa Yoga