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Our instructors are well-versed in their specific yoga practices. More importantly, they're members of the larger community - just like you. 

Meet Our Instructors


Heather Petrosky

Studio Owner + Sculpt + Vinyasa Yoga

My name is Heather Petrosky and I am the owner of We Be Yoga! For me, Yoga facilitates healing . It has taught me to breathe again. In 2018, I received my teaching certification from Blue Banyan Yoga School in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia from the magical humans named Sohpie Simpson, Jake Miller and Angella Irwin who focused on vinyasa yoga. This was the place where I learned that yoga is really about community, and our connection to ourselves and others. The name of the studio represents just that because WE are yoga. Only together as a community is all of this possible. This studio is not mine, it is ours to learn and grow and breathe together. It is a true honor to be of service to you, see you on your mats! 


Pat Moran


Meditation is using the mind, body, or breath to alter your state of consciousness. Pat’s approach organizes meditation into 4 categories; facilitating a deeper understanding of the practice with a strong foundation in technique. He first learned to meditate from Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation in New York City. Pat is a firm believer that meditation is simply an ingredient when it comes to healing. He continually strives to restore balance in his life while lending his experience, knowledge, and passion to help others do the same. He's certified by the esteemed Veda Center to teach meditation. Under the guidance of Charlie Knoles and Liddy Arens, Pat has an array of techniques that he is excited to share with you!


Britt Burns

Restorative + Nidra + Yin + Vinyasa Yoga 

Britt began practicing yoga in 2012 for personal fitness but stayed and progressed with her practice due to the mental health benefits. Britt’s personal yoga practice had an amazing impact on managing her stress, anxiety and hormones; she loves sharing these benefits with others.

A RYT500 teacher, Britt completed her  200 hour yoga certification with Dana Hot Yoga in February 2018 and was certified in Yin Yoga in 2020. In 2022, she completed a 300 hour certification with Uplifted Yoga and a Restorative Yoga Training with Judith Hanson Lasater.


Britt’s classes focus on the breath, holding postures and focusing within yourself. Britt strives to make classes accessible for all levels and bodies and believes as long as you make it to your mat and are breathing you are practicing yoga. Britt is looking forward to meeting you on your mat!


Cathy K 

Integrated Bodyworker

Cathy Calabria-Kane is an integrated bodyworker with over 20 years of teaching experience. She uses a meditative yoga practice of fluid and gentle poses accommodating all levels of Yogi’s [Students] body shapes and fitness levels. Through a connected series of asanas (postures) we can explore how our pranayama (breath) leads us through movement. I incorporate

traditional postures, Salutations, Warrior series, sacred shapes and restorative asanas. As we deepen into this gentle yoga practice each student can explore

their individual gifts of alignment, flexibility, strength, balance and breath. Cathy provides detailed instruction, modifications and assists.


Martha D

Martha’s Yoga journey began in 2000 when she began practicing at local gyms and at home. In 2016, her practice really deepened when she began practicing regularly and realized how wonderful it made her feel physically and emotionally. As she continued to practice over time she felt drawn to try a teacher training program. 


In March of 2021, Martha completed a wonderful 200 Hour Teacher Training through Yogasphere in Newtown. Martha started to offer classes to her neighbors and then to a local athletic shop. This year she once again felt the pull of deepening her practice and what she can offer to other students. She completed a beautiful 50 Hour Teacher Training in Yin Yoga through Sally Miller Yoga. It is Martha's deep desire to share the practice of Yoga with all people who are interested in practicing Yoga. Her classes are accessible to all levels of Yogis. She looks forward to nurturing and sharing the practice with all.

Yin + Vinyasa Yoga 

Shani Website Image.png

Shani C

Yin + Vinyasa Yoga  

Shani began her Yoga journey several years ago as a way to balance body and mind as well as to help with stress and anxiety. It didn't take long for her to feel the transformational effects of the practice, thus leading her to want to share through teaching.

In the Spring of 2020 she completed a 200 YTT through Yogasphere in Newtown PA. A thirst for even more knowledge and wanting to dive even deeper into all things Yoga led her to complete Shanteel's 300 TT in Oct 2021 bringing her to 500 RYT. In between that time she also became a certified Yin Yoga Instructor under Bernie Clark, and is a Reiki 1 practitioner through Prancing Peacock in Yardley.


In her classes she encourages students to honor themselves where they are allowing plenty of space for self exploration both on and off the mat. Her background in dance also makes an appearance through creative movement and sequencing.

Shani believes that we are always students first and there is so much to continue learning from one another.

When she isn't teaching, she loves spending time with her Husband John and three Dalmatians Hudson, Sarah & Welsey. Being in nature as much as possible is a must and of course working on her own personal practice of Yoga.


Joni G

Vinyasa Yoga

Joni began her yoga practice while in graduate school. A friend had arranged for a yoga instructor to teach a class for the new grad students in her program and she decided to go. What began as something new and fun to try out, quickly became a practice that she would carry throughout her life.


Yoga has been her go to tool for healing; she has been able to turn to yoga to heal her body from physical injury, relax her mind, help her connect with feelings and emotions, and find her community. Joni completed her 200-hour teacher training through Yogasphere in March 2021. 

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We Be Teachers

We be having fun on and off the mat!

We Be Yoga 

erin m .jpg

Erin  M

Vinyasa Yoga  

Erin is a yoga-doer, potter, reader, hiker, knitter, and baker. Erin likes to keep busy - trying new things continuing to learn and enjoy life.  She wants to be comfortable in body and mind while trying to make the world around her a bit more beautiful.

Erin was hooked on yoga by the end of her first yoga class. She felt more alive- more centered, relaxed and more ‘me’ in her body. She was able to study with Karin Eisen and earned my YTT in 2014. She's been practicing and teaching since.

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