We Be New Year's Gong Puja 2023

Ring in the New Year at We Be Yoga! December 31st- January 1st 9:00pm to 9:00am

  • 275 US dollars
  • We Be Yoga Studio

Service Description

Join us from 9pm to 9am! Yep, you are sleeping here with us. Pack up your air mattresses and cots! Come dance, eat and celebrate, sit together as we meditate together into 2023 and experience a full traditional 7 hour and 45 minute Gong Puja starting at the stroke of midnight. Wake together to a catered New Year’s Day breakfast while we discuss our powerful shared experience and revel in the bliss on the New Year. Join us for a deeply profound New Years’ experience. What is a Gong Puja? A Gong Puja (Sanskrit & Pali: pūjā “poo-ja”) is a devotional ritual which honors and allows space for participants to heal in mind, body and spirit. The Gong is the object and instrument which facilitates self-healing. A Gong Puja lasts 7 1⁄2 hours (or ten 45-minute Gong Sound Baths) plus opening and closing meditations. We will have 5 Gong Masters here! Some participants sleep. Others stay awake in a state of neutrality which is called Turiya. Those who sleep will have up to five 90-minute dream cycles. In each 90-minute cycle, participants will descend though deeper and deeper stages of NREM sleep followed by an ascension and a Gamma Spike of REM sleep. That's when the crazy stuff like lucid dreaming and out of body experiences happen. As each 90-minute cycle progresses the Gamma Spike duration increases, resulting in longer awesome dreams that make no sense but you wish would never end! The Gong Puja promotes a deep sense of peace and well-being, strengthening of the nervous system, balancing of the chakras and increased energy and vitality. Being immersed in the sound vibrations of the gong is incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating and creates an opportunity to repair, rebuild, unlock and unblock, expand and free a person from mental/emotional and/or physical issues. The functional harmony created by the gong tones bring about an inner stillness where deep healing can occur. During the Puja, as participants meditate and/or sleep – they sense that they are “awake within a dream.” Schedule: 9pm-11pm(ish): Party, Eat, Dance, Love- A large, beautiful offering of sweet and salty foods and non-alcoholic drinks provided. 11pm- ish- Start setting up your belongings for mediation and sleep. Please bring cots, air mattresses, blankets, pillows, whatever you need to be comfortable for the evening! 11:40pm- Guided Meditation into the New Year lead by Pat Moran. Midnight: Gong Puja commences! 7:45am: Gong Puja closes. 8:00am-9:00am: Breakfast and Satsang (Community Sharing)

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  • 366 Easton Road, Warrington, PA, USA